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Hi, I'm Cristhian Mauricio Prada cuts I am 15

years old and come to my website

This is my core family thank God live,

with everyone and we are a very happy family,

and I love my family with my life.

She is my mom Sandra cuts it is 39 years old and is the best

mom in the world is very understanding and helps me in all

things is the master fighter and responsable in their duties much.

He is my dad is called Jorge Mauricio Prada Sanchez,has

42 years is the best father of all very responsible is an

to follow on my part is a male Warrior and wrestler.

She is my sister Maria Jose Prada

Marianitas studying in the garden, is 3 years old and I love her very much

because it is very beautiful and is my only sister

This is my dog Zeus is very young and very canson eats

chickens and eggs from the chickens but is the dog of the

House and I love it,and it is also very playful.

One of my greatest passions is being with

My girlfriend because it is what I like to do in my times and routines

Because chelates love and adore being with her

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they are some of the friends

I have outside the school, I like being with them because

20 when we're all together had a good time and have fun

This is a group of friends who are also my classmates.

This is the entrance to the university where I study.

This is me studying my medical career.

This is me in my work as a doctor.

This is Madrid, it is the place I want to live.

This is me at the San Isidoro school.

This is the shield of the School where he studied.

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